Sports Injury Recovery

There is a missing component within the medical community of correctly addressing injuries and following through with the complete recovery of a patient. Many of my clients have gone through doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and massage therapists only to continue having nagging weakness, instability, and chronic discomfort of the joint.

My Approach to Sports Injury Recovery

There are several key factors that are not considered when rehabilitating a joint that has sustained injury:

  1. There is now a disconnect from how our mind and body moves the joint due to a loss in proprioception, or mind and body awareness. Is the client learning proper movement after an injury?
  2. The primary muscle groups may have been strengthened through physical therapy, but what about the joints and the opposing muscles that also contribute to moving the joint?
  3. Surrounding an injury site, there will be chronic muscle tightness, adhesions in the fascia, and scar tissue. Has there been a dedicated flexibility and soft tissue remodeling program for the injured joint?

Many individuals continue to experience repeated injury because of a lack of education about how the joint should be cared for and length of time for recovery. For most patients surgery is not a desirable option, and studies show surgery often does not solve the problem. There is so much that can be done to properly re-educate the movement patterns of a joint and improve the total wellness of the client. We strive to reach a point as though the injury was never sustained. With accurate strengthening, stretching, soft tissue remodeling, and information, restoring normal function is 100% within reach.