Corrective Exercise

Postural exercise is a fundamental and easily overlooked facet of human movement. This supplies the basis for all exercise and prevents pain, sports injuries, or incorrect joint arthrokinematics. In order to achieve the highest potential with your body, to be flexible, strong, and agile- posture is the key in realizing the best version of yourself. 

The Importance of Posture

Some of the key ways to prevent aging and secure ablebodied-ness well within our golden years is to maintain proper posture and regular movement. We often observe within this community that as the body declines and lacks ease of movement, people begin to lose confidence, energy, and the desire to be active.

Below are several overlooked areas that when strengthened, provide a massive improvement to the unfit human body:

  1. A proportionately strong upper and middle back
  2. Strengthening the lower abdominal and lumbar paraspinal muscles
  3. Improving the strength and co-contraction of the hamstring and gluteal muscles

Focusing on each of these minor adjustments will prevent rounded shoulders, a pelvic tilt, and unnecessary curvature along the entire spine.

The Power of Movement

The human body is a mass of inertia, once we are inactive we find it easy to stay inactive. But when the body is in regular movement, blood flows better, the mind operates at a higher capacity, the organs, soft tissue, joints and muscles all thrive. Exercise as a preventative, anti-aging measure is essential to living a long, healthy life. Unfortunately because of our sedentary lifestyles, we must continuously work to improve our flexibility, strength of postural muscle groups, and to maintain a healthy heart. Almost all individuals who take care of their bodies ability to move well, sustain proper posture, and maintain great cardiovascular health are able to add at least 5-10 additional quality years of being able bodied to their lives.