Are there any other trainers or clients that will be present during my session?

No, each session is truly 1 on 1.

Do you wear a mask or other PPE?

Yes, I use a KN95 with a surgical mask overlapping to absolutely minimize chances of bacterial or viral transmission.

Do you offer nutritional guidance and body composition tracking?

Yes, that is included with your wellness program.

How do you schedule your clients?

Due to current circumstances each client is scheduled with 15-30 minutes of spacing from the last session in order to allow the studio air to be cleaned and common surfaces to be sanitized.

What type of clients do you work with?

○ Individuals with previous injuries, or current joint & muscle pain
○ Seniors with movement issues
○ Individuals with weight loss goals who wish to have a healthier lifestyle

How long is a session?

Each session is an hour, where an initial evaluation session can typically run up to 75 minutes.

Describe a normal session

After conducting the safety protocols in place- The client is assessed through astatic and dynamic assessment. Once the underlying concern is identified (for those clients with musculoskeletal issues) a thorough warm up targeting underlying weaknesses commences. Once the body is sufficiently warmed up and is primed for corrective exercise, we undergo a 30-45 minute resistance bearing or body weight exercise scheme to further improve on the maladies indicated. Towards the end and based upon the severity of the issue, anywhere between 10-25 minutes is reserved for facilitated stretching and soft tissue manipulation.

Are there any cancellation policies or what happens if i miss a session?

I do my best to accommodate my clients’ schedule and understand that life events do come up. I ask that my clients give at least 24hr notice of reschedule and request we make that session up in the near future if possible. If you are out of town, the sessions you have purchased are saved until you are back and able to exercise again.

What is the session cost and do you offer any packages?

There are two different packages:
○ 10 sessions for $1100
○ 20 sessions for $2000

What payment methods do you accept?

Check or credit card preferred

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