About Jeff

My dive into fitness came unwillingly. I was two hundred and eighty pounds, hypertensive, pre-diabetic, and suffering from some anxiety and slight depression. Food had become my comfort throughout my childhood and teenage years; the one thing that always brought me happiness and solace. With a history of blood pressure, heart related issues, and diabetes on my fathers side, it was quickly looking like I was going to become a product of my genetics. There was a singular defining moment that catalyzed my journey into exercise, a day my father pulled me to the side and had a “come to Jesus” moment with me. He explained how deeply he cared for me, how much he wanted to see me be healthy, and how he dreaded the day that he would have to administer insulin for me.


It was a wake up call, at seventeen no teenager wanted to have that discussion with their dad. He was completely on board with buying me a gym membership and some starting sessions with a personal trainer. To say that I was terrified was an understatement, the gym was a scary place with a bunch of “fit” people.

Slowly but surely I developed a rhythm of getting into exercise, slowly losing weight, and working towards what I perceived to be an unattainable goal of being “in shape”. Along the way there were a handful of roadblocks, from my self esteem, to my body dysmorphia, and even a relapse that caused me to gain back eighty of the hundred pounds I had lost in a year.

It took a good hard look within to understand that there were issues related to food, self esteem, and poor habits that needed to be ironed out. This was after I had lost one hundred pounds in a year, but had gained back eighty rapidly.

After a crushing realization that I had essentially thrown away a majority of the progress I had made, I made a pact with myself to lose weight correctly the second time, not crash diet and over exercise like I had done prior.

It seemed as though these internal struggles and soul searching go hand in hand- I had also begun searching for a job about halfway through my weight loss journey the second time. After exercising at Bally Total Fitness for 2 years, where a majority of the staff and members had seen me around, I figured what better to work as but a personal trainer.


Fast forward nearly 11 years, and personal training and helping others has grown to be a passion and a calling of life. Having worked at several different gym chains, managing and coaching hundreds of trainers and clients alike- there was a decision to pursue a methodology of utilizing exercise as therapy and preventative care. I quickly came to realize from my clients' feedback that there was a disconnect in the medical community of how to address joint and muscle perturbations.

It seemed my clients had gone to several doctors or physical therapists without success. The overlapping issue seemed to be that there was a partial treatment plan to address the problem. Medical professionals were not investigating the habits, alternating joints, or past injuries and habits that could have led to the current issue. Instead they were solely looking at the joint or muscle in question and not the entire picture.

With the thousands of sessions completed, feedback from clients, and multiple corrective exercise and orthopedic certifications I obtained- there had finally come a solution for everyone struggling to find relief from their chronic pain.

Body Engineering became a project where I sought to combine general exercise, physical therapy, and myofascial release in a form that was accessible to most. A place where an individual can visit to have all of their issues taken care of, whether it was joint aches, muscle pain, weight loss, or simply getting into better shape.


National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Performance Enhancement Specialization
  • Senior Fitness Specialist
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist

American Council on Exercise

  • Orthopedic Exercise Specialist
  • Functional Training Specialist

National Council on Strength & Fitness

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Sports Nutrition Specialist