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I’m Jeffrey Danilin, welcome to Body Engineering - a state of the art anti-aging exercise and recovery protocol geared towards making you the best version of yourself, period.

With over 10 years in the fitness industry and over 15,000 sessions conducted, Body Engineering meticulously combines injury rehabilitation, corrective exercise, sports performance, and myofascial release all in one accessible fitness program.

Jeffrey Danilin Corrective Exercise Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Whether you’re dealing with chronic or acute joint and muscle pain, recovering from an injury or just looking to improve your overall health & wellness, I’m your health advocate for life.

Middle aged man getting diagnosed for skeletal pain

Pain Management

Our rapid transition to a sedentary lifestyle, working in front of a computer, driving all over town, along with decreasing emphasis on personal health has led our bodies to be stiff and out of shape. This further propagates the pain we experience.

Patient recovering from sports injury

Sports Injury Recovery

An injury can arise suddenly, from years of neglect or a sudden unexpected movement. Many of my clients work with me to strengthen their knees after torn ligaments, strengthening their back after herniations or disc proturberences, and even torn or severely injured rotator cuffs in the shoulder joint.

Exercising with weights in hands

Corrective Exercise

With ideal posture, muscle balance, and body composition we can effectively slow down the aging process and add on many more years of able-bodiedness to your life.

Individualized training in a brand new studio

Truly One on One

Interior of fitness studio with new weights, machines and sports equipment
At Body Engineering, you have a personalized studio with equipment that was specifically selected to provide safe, efficient and evidence based results.

It was my ultimate goal to provide a safe and comfortable environment for my clients to exercise in, an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of our day to day lives. A way to achieve the best version of themselves previously inconceivable. 

Seriously Clean!

Air purifier icon

When we say it's clean, we mean it.

With enough True HEPA air purifiers in the studio to refresh the air every 10 minutes, you can feel safe in knowing there are no harmful bacteria or pathogens in the air while you exercise.
Safety protocol icon

Safety Protocols

Temperature checks are performed in conjunction with a pulse oximeter to carefully screen clients. With several key questions proceeding in order to maximize each person's safety.
Personalized fitness schedule icon

Personalized Fitness Schedule

After your initial evaluation, you’ll receive a customized exercise schedule and program toachieve your wellness goals; safely and efficiently.
KN95 mask icon

Fully Vaccinated

My clients and I have been fully vaccinated in order to provide you with piece of mind.

Client Testimonials

Testimonial from a mom about Jeff helping her lose weight and get fit again
Gabriela Z.
Testimonial from a patient with knee pain
P. L.
Testimonial from client about Jeff providing tailored workouts and a nutrition guide
Joyce A.
Testimonial from client with chronic shoulder pain
Joe E.
Patient in mid 50s highly recommending Jeff
Donna K.

Let's Discuss Your Goals Today

Your first session is the key to embarking on a better you. The orientation allows me to create a comprehensive wellness program to help you become the best version of yourself possible.

During our first session, I carefully measure your flexibility, strength, and stamina with key exercises and proceed with a facilitated stretching session. With this vital information I am able to map out the trajectory of your health program and determine the safest and most effective way to get there.

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